Yet another new podcast? Yes!

After many years of shiftless planning and a listless lockdown, I finally put the pixel to the pointer and started a podcast! My friend Jill Royce and I co-host a weekly in-depth interview with one of the founding or influential figures in the first twenty years of advertising (and marketing) technology. That’s 1995-2015 or so … a time of tremendous innovation, excitement, ambition, posturing and fraud … a deranged double decade. So far, most of the people we’ve asked have agreed to join us — although we just started.

I’ve been touched by the support we’ve received from people who (like me) find the history of this much-maligned and underappreciated industry so fascinating. Check us out on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Our website is here.

And by the way — the show is called “PALEO AD TECH”

Let me know what you think! martykihn at gmail

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