I speak frequently but much of my finest oratory is locked behind my employers’ firewalls or its various contractual demands.

It’s the second decade of the 21st Century, and I finally decided to organize my videos, presentations, webinars, book trailers, and assorted oddments on the YouTube for the people. You’re welcome to “Subscribe” so I don’t have an embarrassing dearth of avid fans — please!

Here’s the link, amigos:

Here is a presentation I delivered on the death of the cookie last January 2020 at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview in NYC — called “The Cookieless Web & the Future of the DMP.”

Here is a romp I delivered at the AdExchanger Programmatic IO conference in SF in 2017. The topic is “What If Ad Tech and Mar Tech Don’t Converge?”

Here’s a presentation I did with my former colleague Jake Sorofman, now of CXMetrics, on the topic of “Big Data vs. Big Content” at the CMO Club summit in L.A. a few years ago. Paula Abdul and KISS were at the event but not, alas, at our presentation.

And for old time’s sake, I include a few book trailers. This is one I did for the release of “A$$hole.”

Here’s an animated one the publisher did for the original release of “House of Lies.”