Customer Data Platforms: Soon to be a Major Motion Picture?

Cover (not actual size)

Happy to announce that the book I co-wrote with Chris O’Hara on Customer Data Platforms has just been published by Wiley and is now available at fine booksellers everywhere such as this one.

Helpfully, the title is “Customer Data Platforms: Use People Data to Transform the Future of Marketing Engagement“.

Note the key phrase: Customer Data Platforms (CDP). Only the hottest mar-tech category to appear in at least a decade, and we literally wrote the book on it. At least, the first substantial mainstream book on this key topic. We cover the category from data integration and identity management to exploration, activation and A.I.

It’s accessible and a quick read, full of charming illustrations and architecture drawings. If you’re interested in this fast-growing tech category that points the way toward the converged platform future, our book is a great place to start.

Happy launch-day, my friends! Here’s to a more integrated, privacy-friendly and analytical 2021! The future is bright. peace mk

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