I Am 30% of AdExchanger’s Top 10 List

The mighty AdExchanger just published its annual list of most-read columns, and I’m proud to have written 3 of them — that’s 30% of the entire cadre, friends. They call them “opinions” but really, I just write the truth. If you’d like to enjoy them again (and again), the winners (along with the great Tilde Herrera’s precis) were:

#1. Did Google Just Kill Independent Attribution?

By Martin Kihn

Google sent shockwaves through the industry in late April when it announced that it would restrict buyers’ use of the DoubleClick ID. Kihn puts the controversial move under the glass and predicts the likely winners and losers (sorry, independent MTA vendors).

#2. What Is This Thing We Call A CDP?

By Martin Kihn

People have long griped about the digital advertising industry’s obsession with the latest shiny object. The newest shiny acronym to hit is the CDP (customer data platform). Kihn breaks down the pros and cons of the tech that aspires to bridge marketers’ siloed data and systems.

#4. Is The DMP Finally Dead?

By Martin Kihn

As the CDP sparkles, so fades the luster of the data-management platform. But will the death rattles surrounding this third-party data workhorse ring true? Only if you want them to, Kihn opines.

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