I speak frequently but much of my finest oratory is locked behind my employer’s firewall or its various contractual demands.

Here is a romp I delivered at the AdExchanger Programmatic IO conference in SF in 2017. The topic is “What If Ad Tech and Mar Tech Don’t Converge?”

Here is a presentation from Gartner’s Digital Marketing Conference in San Diego in 2017, on the topic dashboards and data visualization.

Here’s another one from that same Conference on the topic of segmentation and personas. (Look for a special guest at the end, the extra-groovy head of analytics at Charles Schwab, Rahul Todkar.)

Here’s a presentation I did with my former colleague Jake Sorofman, now CMO of Pendo, on the topic of “Big Data vs. Big Content” at the CMO Club summit in L.A. a few years ago. Paula Abdul and KISS were at the event but not, alas, at our presentation.

And for old time’s sake, I include a few book trailers. This is one I did for the release of “A$$hole.”

Here’s an animated one the publisher did for the original release of “House of Lies.”