M a r t i n    K i h n

   Head can't believe it's not butter.





How bout this: Look not into the texts of yore for answers to the sequencing of rectilinear and quadratic truth matrices! Why? Cuz the answer's contained in the singularized output of Canadian tigerlily Avril Lavigne - Theoretical Physicist, babe and limner of truth ... as these quotes from Avril's works, enhanced by our own categories, show:

On the expansion of the planar wave in terms of Bessel functions:

    And that's the way it has to be honestly
    Cause creativeity [sic] could never bloom in my room
            ("Nobody's Fool")

On the centifugal force required in the non-inertial system:

    I'm staring at my feet
    My cheecks [sic] are turning red
    I'm searching for the words inside my head
            ("Things I'll Never Say")

On time-dependent variational approaches in terms of 'squeezed' coherent states:

    I'm going nowhere on and on and
    I'm getting nowhere on and on and on
    I'm going nowhere on and on and off
    and on and off and on
            ("Take Me Away")

On the angular dependence of the differential cross-section for pure s and p wave scattering:

    Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out
            ("Anything But Ordinary")

On the result for the time-evolution of the Gaussian wave packet:

    What use is it do you what's on mind [sic]
    If ain't comin out [sic] we're not going anywhere
            ("Things I'll Never Say")

On replacing arbitrary variations with parametric variations:

    Na na
    Na na na na na na
            ("Slipped Away")


Ms. Lavigne quoted from the CD booklets w/ "Let Go" (2002) & "Under My Skin" (2004)